To start the game, the most junior employee in the room is elected Judge. The Judge flips over a yellow social issue card for all to see.

Then, everyone but the Judge draws three blue brand cards. Players must choose from one of their three blue brand cards to create a campaign that either solves, promotes, or raises awareness of the yellow social issue card at hand.

Example: “How can Chuck E. Cheese’s promote female empowerment? Introducing Chlo E. Cheese’s: Turns out, Chuck E. had a sister, and now it’s her time to shine…”

Everyone goes around the circle pitching their campaign to the Judge. Players should feel free to build on one another’s campaigns.

When the pitches are over, the Judge picks his or her favorite campaign and awards the winner the yellow social issue card.

After the first round, a new player becomes Judge, and everyone draws a new blue brand card.

The first person to collect three yellow social issue cards is the winner of the game, and therefore the best creative in the room. Congratulations, you just won a glass lion, a promotion, and probably a job at Wieden.